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They generously give themselves and their possessions to God's causes and God's people because they are focused on the incorruptible treasures of heaven. It's something our Father in heaven takes note of and rewards.

There are no magical words to manipulate God into doing what we want.

For believers, Holiness requires an urgency to put to death sinful desires, as well as a putting on of the things of Christ.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus confronted people who seemed to be following the rules, but, in their hearts, didn't truly love and honor God.

We can find them in Scripture’s assurance of God's nearness to the brokenhearted, his goodness, and his unfailing promises of eternal life.

Men and women in the kingdom of heaven relate to their stuff differently than others. He tells us that when our motives are right, there is something about the act of fasting that pleases the heart of God.

In Why Church Matters, Joshua Harris makes this case with wisdom, clarity, and graciousness."--Charles W. The church is the place God uses to grow us, encourage us, and use our gifts for His glory.

In this honest, personal, and practical book, Joshua Harris shows you why it's time to say yes to church and how to find the right one for you--the place where you can fall in love with the family of God.

He is the light of the world and leads us out of both spiritual and moral darkness.

We find stability in our faith by grounding ourselves in a true knowledge of God that expresses itself in a transformed life.

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